ConceptOS iPhone 5 - (Cydia Theme) for Free

ConceptOS iPhone 5 is a cydia theme launched by Primo.TM in the ZodTTD repo

The Information Provided by the developer on this theme is:

" A different and unique theme.
Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5 only!
Wanna try something new and exciting? Look at the screenshots and see for yourself. A very different theme that will give your iPhone a unique look.
You will need the following tweaks to get the theme look and work properly: Winterboard, Gridlock 2.0, Iconoclasm, PageJumps, PerPageHTML, Five Icon Dock, Lockscreen Clock Hide (only if you want to use the custom Lockscreen).
> Make SURE to read the README file in the theme's folder for instructions on how to setup and configure the theme and widgets!
Weather and Calendar Widgets included. "

ConceptOS iPhone 5 cydia theme is available for free in the repo:



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